We’ve spent months researching to find the perfect blend for our private label, Select, and we are excited to share a cup of coffee with you. Find our Modern, Classic, and Decaf in bags for you to take home, and be sure to grab a hot cup to go at our coffee bar.

    • Crème Brûlée Latte
      Our Crème Brûlée Latte was inspired by our signature French toast crème brûlée we offer in grab-and-go at our main store and hot and ready to eat (coming soon!) at Select. The French toast is taken to another level with the crème brûlée custard, and our signature drink mimics that caramel/vanilla-y taste. If you want a drink that’s not too sweet but full of flavor, this is the one to try.

      Birthday Cake Latte
      If there is one thing we are known for, it’s our bakery’s birthday cakes. We wanted our customers to have that same celebratory feeling in their morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of coffee. This signature drink is created with our dulce de leche infused milk and white chocolate sauce and it’s topped with whipped cream and sprinkles to drive home that birthday celebration feeling. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the drink that will satisfy that craving.

    • Our Private Label blends available in-house and to-go

      Holiday Market Select’s Modern Blend is luscious and velvety, with mellow red apple acidity, and flavors of hazelnut, cocoa, and jasmine flower. This familiarly delicious sipper is composed of the season’s best Latin American coffees, with regionality ranging from Mexico to Colombia, to Peru.

      Holiday Market Select’s Classic Blend will take you back to your coziest coffee memories, with warm flavors of baking spice, dark chocolate, and roasted almond. Its deep richness makes it a great companion to cream, but the blend also shines on its own as a riveting start to your day, or an afternoon pick me up.

      Holiday Market thoughtfully optimized this blend to brew sweet, rich, and balanced espresso, delicious on its own and taking on a new life when paired with milk and your favorite flavored syrup. Its Brazillian base lends deep creaminess, and its Colombian and Costa Rican accents provide more subtle hints of citrus vibrancy and honey-like sweetness.

      Holiday Market’s decaf blend is all flavor, without the jitters. In the cup, it’s full-bodied and balanced, with nutty creaminess and lively notes of citrus zest and molasses.

    • Hibiscus with lime and mint – fruity and refreshing with notes of citrus and herbs

      Ginger – peppery and sweet with a spicy aroma