Holiday Market Select is a true neighborhood store that is focused on providing your family a delicious dinner every night.  Amazing prepared meals prepared by Holiday Catering Chefs, Premium meat and seafood, farm-fresh produce, chopped salad bar, beer, wine, and liquor.  Cook like a chef with our craft meal kits and feed your family with one of our featured meals of the week by ordering through our website.  Our on-line butcher provides access to the entire premium meat counter of Holiday Market Royal Oak with just a day’s notice.


Fresh Brewed Coffee To Go:

Every day Holiday Select will feature our new Private Label roasts: Modern, Classic, and Decaf. Check out our coffee page to see which roasts we are featuring. We’ll also have pastries and breakfast sandwiches so you can grab your coffee and a bite to eat in the morning.


New and Improved Café:

We’ve expanded Select to add hot to-order European baguette sandwiches, expanded chopped salad bar, craft coffee & Espresso drinks, pizza, freshly made pastry goods, breakfast sandwiches, and super-premium ice cream.  Best of all we will have an app so all you have to do is order on your phone and stop by and pick it up.


Holiday Market Select’s Featured Du Jour Options:

Holiday Market is famous for its gourmet to-go options and each night we’ll have #DinnerTonight covered for you. With an ever-changing menu to keep your meals unique each week, we’ll always have complete meals or you can just mix & match with sides and proteins.

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